Why invest in Manchester?

Why Invest in Manchester?
A Thriving Residential Market

As one of the UK’s premier investment hotspots, investment in Manchester is quickly becoming the preferred choice for investors. This has stemmed from the city attracting a huge number of young professionals, eager to rent in high-quality residential accommodation. In the last 30 years, the Manchester population has increased by a staggering 27.8%.

These young professionals are attracted to a world-class business sector, with the likes of MediaCityUK home to the BBC and ITV. In fact, Manchester was voted in the top 10 business start-ups in the world. The city was also voted as the UK’s best city to live in, according to the Global Liveability Survey.

With so many people living in the city, rental demand is at its highest-ever level, propelling rental yields and capital growth into unprecedented levels. In fact, a report from Urbanbubble in 2021 found that the number of available rental properties in Manchester was below 500 for the first time ever. This makes properties like Embankment Exchange a hot commodity, with tenants eager to move into a fantastic rental property.

This has continued throughout the years, with a Zoopla report finding that the current ratio between demand and supply was 5:1. This is good news for investors, as not only does it mean that there will be far fewer void periods, but it has also propelled capital growth even higher.


Invest in Manchester
Invest in Manchester

Why Invest in Manchester?
King of Capital Growth and Rental Returns


The big appeal behind investment in Manchester is the incredible capital growth. In the last 20 years, Manchester property has increased in value by an outstanding 315%. For context, this is the highest growth out of every major UK city – higher than the likes of London, Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Cardiff.

Despite this growth, Manchester property is still affordable, valued at over £60k cheaper than the UK average. Meanwhile, Manchester rent is over £200 higher per month than a typical UK property, creating gross rental yields of over 9%.

Simply put, Manchester investments like Embankment Exchange are offering some of the best ever returns in the UK property market, making 2021 and 2022 the perfect time to expand your property portfolio.


Embankment Exchange Manchester

Why Invest in Manchester?
A Regeneration Hub


While historic capital growth is huge in Manchester, the future also looks incredibly bright. Savills has predicted that house prices are set to rise by 18.8% by 2026. This is the highest prediction in the UK and is over 13% higher than London!

This stems from the massive regeneration seen in the city, which has transformed Manchester over the last 20 years. Billions have been spent on regeneration projects in the city, with the likes of NOMA, Spinningfields, and MediaCityUK creating one of the UK’s major economies. With so many business opportunities in the city, and plenty of first-class restaurants and amenities, the future of investment in Manchester looks incredibly exciting.


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